Within the whole scope of investment “the Office” operates to the following scenario:

1. The „Office” or „Investor” points out the location for the potential investment. The „Office” conducts technical and legal study as well as looks for ways of acquisition of the selected site, as well as takes actions necessary in signing a preliminary or final buying contract for the selected property. “The Office” makes the site arrangement plan as well as architectural and urban concept designs, calculates the preliminary costs of the investment performace, applies for the infrastructure connection specification and finalizes obtaining legally valid decision on site the building and arrangement plan. For this phase of actions, “the Office” prepares, as required, the current basical map, drawing and sentance copies made on the basis of the grounds records, engineering and hydrogeological tests, green inventory, transportation accesses an traffic management study as well as other files, alignments and opinions, necessary in official precedures.

2. “The Office” performs:
a)construction design as well as the procedure of obtaining legally valid decision of Consent for Construction according to Polish standarts and Polish civil engineering law.
b) works of introducing elements of construction project into the site arrangement plans as well as engineering plans of networks and accesses according to specifications of local business institutions.
c) any required projects of relocation of the infrastructure
d) “The Office” prepares any documents required in obtaining all consents incl. the Consent for Construction
e) “The Office” prepares full performance documentation as well as the investment and dummy estimates in the scope necessary to bid tenders for the construction works including preliminary work surveys.

3. „The Office”, as a general deputy investment body, conducts the tenders and selects the construction/installation company/companies and signs the appropriate contracts on the investor behalf.
4. At the investment performance, „the Office” coordinates and does investment and authoring supervision over the work being executed.
5. After the investment completion „the Office” keeps an eye on the acceptance of final approvals conducted by appropriate government officers.

6. After finalizing the whole investment incl. infrastructure, and arrangement of the environment as well as obtaining the approval of use, „the Office” hands over ready investment project to “the Investor”.
In the nutshell our activity covers:
seeking and helping investor in buying the location suitable for the investment, incl. legal support in this scope and investing feasability study,
preparing initiating documents and obtaining the decision on „the building and arrangement plan”,
designing in all lines of business and obtaining „the construction consent”,
performing the investment as a deputy investor,
doing investing and authoring supervision.