The „KALITA”, private civil engineering design studio was funded in 1992, as one-individual civil engineering design studio ran by Grzegorz Kalita, M.Sc.Arch.E. His previous lessons learned in some other pracy civil engineering design studio as well as construction works in Germany have immediately gave profits. Considering an investing party as a key organisations, being at their disposal, dedication at work, application of advanced methods and technologies have drawn the attention of major investors, i.e. SHELL Polska petrol company or McDonald’s. This cooperation continues still and any new investment within our area is contracted with our company, which could be considered as our best recommendation. Although we used to work for their competitors, other petrol companies have placed their contracts with us i.e., BP, ARAL,Texaco, ESSO, Orlen, as they apparently considered us as a good craftsman, doing his assignment the best possible way. All the mentioned above succeses did not stop us in improving our effeciency and expanding the range of our services. We have been doing concept and engineering designs of various genre, from Zakopane aquapark, residential multi-family constructions, an airport and swimming pool, as well as industrial facilities, e.g. washing facility for wheeled tanks (Dutch EUROVOS company). Any time the ordering party it required, some designs were made biligually. Investors quite often used to extend our design activity by investing supervision task in all construction businesses. We did and still do support our clients in finding sites suitable for their investment, prepare the initiating documentation for the future construction site evaluation as well as estimating the costs of the project.

    On December 2000, a new company has been funded under the name of Biuro Projektów „KALITA” Sp. z o.o. („KALITA” civil engineering design studio). Its mission is to continue previous design activity and reinforce the deputy investing, as a response to the needs of those customers, who wish to hand the whole investment into one institution. At the moment we are at the process of soft transition, as the business activity is concerned, into the Limited liability company while still preserving the former name, which is recognised well both by clients and construction companies.

    Currently we have the potencial of employees, who know how to work with complicated engineering documentation, and are able to take the design task and perform a large investment any time. As we have designed facilities of various volume complete with infrastructure, did our job of the designer’s, foreman and then the construction site manager positions in Germany and Austria, we are sure, that we can manage any task associated with investment performance, from finding a suitable location, until handing over the ready facility to the user.